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Though I've been to Syracuse a handful of times, I've only recently been blessed with an opportunity to visit this seasonal ice cream shack. (Note to Self: Plan future 'Cuse vacations for summertime so that trips to Big Dip are possible!) Yummy inexpensive ice cream and frozen yogurt. There are a variety of cone styles available, and the menu consists primarily of soft serve ice cream flavors, scoop ice cream flavors, and various frozen concoctions like flurries and slurpies. I think it's strange that some flavors of ice cream are a few cents extra than others, but whatever; the prices are still cheap. I went for a dip--you know, when ice cream in a cone is turned upside down, dipped in melted chocolaty goodness, and then pulled back out. I haven't had a dipped cone in well over 10 years, so suffice it to say I was childishly excited for a dipped cone at Big Dip. After considerable contemplation I decided on low-fat orange soft serve ice cream with a cherry dip. D E L I C I O U S My advice? Ask for a double-dipped cone. *wink, wink* Nice space out back with picnic tables, shade, and--very important when it's 90°F--a paper napkin dispenser! Big Dip was a staple in my boyfriend's life while he was growing up in the area, and he was ecstatic to make a trip back after about 15 Dip-less years. I can't tell you how many times I've heard him tell the story of how, one night about 10 years ago, vandals snuck onto Big Dip's roof to partially paint the massive white/vanilla cone, thus transforming it into a twist. Fully deserving of 5 stars!

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Love at first bite!

​Located at 216 N Main St, North Syracuse, New York 13212

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards!

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